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one world religion: Baha’i

one world religionThe recent false flag events are being orchestrated and used for multiple reasons. One, is the introduction to the one world religion called Baha’i. When you see a victim’s family member being interviewed and they speak of not feeling angry or full of hate, ‘because that’s what the terrorists wants me to do’, they’re showing the teachings of the Bahai Faith. If you’ve paid attention, all of the survivors comments have a similar tone. A similar feeling of resilience, love, and unity. Sometimes these people are just downright creepy, not just by the words they choose to describe their feelings, but their demeanor is off too. They sometimes resemble employees from a Disney Store with odd smiles and glazed eyes.

At first, Baha’i sounds ‘New Agey’ with it’s message of oneness, but when you look closer, it’s not. It goes right along with the one world order system.

The principles of the Bahá’í Faith:

  • Universal Peace upheld by a World Government
  • Independent Investigation of Truth
  • The Common Foundation of All Religions
  • The Essential Harmony of Science and Religion
  • The Equality of Women and Men
  • Elimination of Prejudice of All Kinds
  • Universal Compulsory Education
  • A Spiritual Solution to Economic Problems

Some of these bullets closely resemble what may be perceived as the ‘New World Religion’. In addition to the above, they are also in support of developing:

  • A World Super-State
  • A World Legislator
  • The unity of all the world’s religions under the umbrella of the Baha’iFaith
  • A World Parliament
  • A World Police Force
  • A Supreme Tribunal Election of leaders through merit alone without nominations
  • A single Universal Auxiliary Language
  • A permanent single currency and A world taxation system
  • The implementation of Agenda 21 and the Earth Charter
  • The establishment of a world free trade area

I first became aware of the Baha’i Faith when looking at Sandy Hook. A man named Dr. John Woodall was very present at all of the town meeting and get togethers they had at the time. I saw several disturbing videos of him and other speaking. Looking back now, I haven’t been able to find one of these videos. Only articles with broken links, missing websites, and removed videos. If in the future I come across any, I’ll post here.


tricksy little vatican monkeys

Tricksy little monkeys. Exchanging one throne for another. Playing to our easily manipulated emotional views. So skilled at deception.

A new chair doesn’t change what they are. A new figurehead doesn’t change who they are. It does attempt, however, to change what we believe they are.

Don’t be fooled by their trickery and their agendas. It’s because of them that people have suffered and continue to suffer. They won’t bring solutions that benefit any but themselves. They never have.

Don’t believe in their words. Know by their actions.


the other psychopathic religion

New Age movement symbolThe controllers of this oppressive system are said to be satanic, luciferian, baby sacrificers. They practice their religion in secret, dark basements hidden from public attention. There’s another religion more befitting of public worship and so obviously created by psychopaths, for psychopaths. For one tiny, silly second, I was taken in by the New Age Movement (called movement but same as religion by definition).

This movement has given us many mantras that are supposed to define us as beings and advise us how we should conduct our lives. These one-liners are so blatantly psychopathic in nature, it’s surprising how many of us, me included, have been pulled in by this bullshittery.

There are some popular sentiments held by New Agers. I’ve listed a few that I saw as reasons this movement is a magnet for the psychopathic personality:

“Whatever resonates with you.”

smarmy business man dressed in gray suit and glasses giving the thumbs up point

Throwing all cognizant thought out the window and going with your feelings is exactly what a psychopath would want you to do. Psychopaths have a remarkable talent for deception. They can make you feel completely at ease. They can make you feel confident that the words they are telling you are truth. They can make you believe they care. Their lack of conscience or capability of feeling guilt, remorse, shame, responsibility, or any other human emotion allows them the ability to so successfully fool even the smartest of us. They’re sick individuals who CAN’T care about you, your well-being, or any harm they might cause you.

With that said, your feelings are a very important gauge of knowing whether you’re dealing with truth or lies but use your thinker first. Before moving on to how something or someone makes you feel, hear the information they’re giving you. Is it factual? Is it verifiable? Is it likely?

Just be aware. When you start feeling warm and fuzzies for someone, step back. Consider first only the information they’ve given and take some time to check it out. If it’s conceivably legitimate, then use your feelers.

“We chose our experience therefore there are no victims.”

terrified young girl with an adult hand over her mouth coming from behind her

OK. This one just pisses me off!
Only a psychopath could believe this bullshittery.

Under this assumption, how could a child molester be a bad guy? After all, the child CHOSE to be raped. How could we hold a murderer responsible for their actions knowing that his victim(s) CHOSE to be murdered. How can we hold any of psychopaths running this world accountable for their evil, disgusting behavior? We all accepted and CHOSE to go through this wonderful experience, right?

Psychopaths are going to psychopath until the end. They’ll do their evil deeds then psychopathically explain how they’re in no way responsible for their actions. All they did was fulfill another persons chosen experience. They should probably be sainted or something. Psychopath, please!

“We are all gods.”

a statue of a man with arm outstretched looking to the heavens


Can you manifest me a universe with delicately intricate parts that all work in perfect harmony of one another? No? How ’bout an apple? Can you manifest me an apple? Nope? Well, ya ain’t a god. Get over yourself.

A psychopath would certainly put himself on the same level as the source of creation. Are we creative, amazing beings? Of course we are! Have we been beaten, bruised, and held down by the controllers of the world? Absolutely! But are we gods? Maybe after this life we go on and become something other than a soul. Right now, where we are, how we are, in the situation we find ourselves, with confidence I can say that I am most definitely not a god.

“Don’t give power to the negative.”

calm dark hared lady with her eyes closed and fingers in her ears

Psychopaths, being, thinking, doing negative, would obviously not want attention drawn to their disgusting habits. What better way to get you to ignore their dirty acts than making you believe that acknowledging negativity somehow feeds it and makes it stronger.

Choosing to close your eyes to what’s wrong in the world isn’t going to make the bad go away. If anything, it allows it to grow, spread, and takeover. Rooting out and bringing attention to the negative is how we learn what needs to change to fix it.

“Don’t give in to anger.”

man in white button down shirt with rolled up sleeves beating his fist on a table

Cowards fear reprimand. Even though they believe there’s nothing wrong with them, they know that for some reason you would be very angry if you knew what they were up to. They lack all positive human character traits including bravery. What better way to remedy their fear than to make you believe that being angry is bad. This way, you’ll never get to the point of vengeance.

Anger is powerful. When appropriate, it’s a great motivator for change if channeled in a positive direction. Being angry is not bad. It’s a normal human emotion. When we see evil being perpetrated on the good people of the world by the psychopathic controllers, righteous indignation is called for.

Another thing I realized… the psychopaths will usually be the touters, the gurus, the mentors of the New Age groups. They want to make sure you’re doing it right 😉

Through my brief experience with The New Age Movement I learned how it keeps those who are more aware from acting to make change. It has served psychopathy by taking common threads of thought held by those seeking truth and twisting them to benefit themselves. I’ve learned a lot from this misstep so I’m glad i fell into it but, even gladder I got out as quickly as I did.